The only hope for me is you


Character: Castiel
Author: fortheloveofmisha1974.tumblr.com/
Reader Gender: female
Word Count:2,448
Warnings: rough sex, cursing, orgy, marijuana use, mentions of violence

A/N: this is part one of a story I’ve been working on. It’s not the best and not all that smutty but it’s setting the stage for the other chapters to come. I’ll submit one chapter a week so I can still write the requests I get. I really hope you guys enjoy the story.

"I will find you ____. Always." You shudder at the voice inside your head. Lucifer. You finally got away. Of course it wasn’t by yourself but still. You had been loaded into the caravan that was to be taken directly to Detroit and to Lucifer himself, you were his favorite toy to play with, as he said and the other demons were not allowed to harm you. That was his job. However on the way to Detroit the Caravan had been attacked by surprise and looted. It was by mere chance that Dean Winchester was the one to loot the caravan and save your life.

The surface beneath you is soft and comfortable, of course after concrete floor anything is more comfortable. But as you dig your nails into the soft space beneath you one word comes to mind. Mattress. it’s comfortable and firm. You don’t remember laying down. You don’t remember it being perpetually dark either. You test your limbs, jerking your arm and twitching your foot. You’re alive. Slowly you open your eyes and take in your surroundings.

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